The course is designed for developers, investors, project and finance managers

Examination and group presentation

Professional Property Development (PPD) Programme

11 days (non-consecutive over 4 months)

This course is offered online combined with webinars.

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Includes all materials and assessments.



The purpose of the Professional Property Development course is to provide delegates with knowledge of financial mathematics as well as principles of town planning used to plan new developments.  Delegates will learn about the general principles of taxation and various ownership structures.  The significance of the property cash flow will be discussed as well as the various property investment benchmarks, including the cost of capital.  Delegates will also learn how to value various types of property.


This course will also ensure that delegates understand the fundamental principles of property development.  Delegates will learn how to acquire the right property, how to finance the purchase and subsequent development as well as dealing with the professional team until completion of the project.

The course is designed for developers, investors, project and finance managers.


After completing this course, delegates will be able to:


  • Apply the principles of financial mathematics to a property investment
  • Apply the principles of town planning to undertake and complete a feasibility study
  • Apply the principles of property taxation to a property investment
  • Calculate the cash flow from a property investment
  • Explain the various ownership structures that can be utilised when investing in property
  • Determine the advantages and disadvantages of each ownership structure when planning a property investment strategy
  • Calculate the various property benchmarks
  • Undertake the valuation of various types of properties
  • Understand the development process
  • What the financial institutions look for in a good application for credit
  • How to deal with the professional team when undertaking a development

Meet The Faculty

Most of CPMD’s facilitators operate in industries and businesses where they have acquired their relevant areas of expertise. Facilitators are specialists in their respective fields.


Finance and Property, Law, Social Housing and Management Skills.

B.Com. (WITs), Post Graduate Diploma: Property Development & Management, Honors: Business Management, LLB (Unisa), MSc Building (Wits)

Graeme Jay


Property, Law, Sectional Title and Property Valuer

BA. BIuris, LLB

Adv. Louis Taljaard

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